1. Shut off seal water and lube inlet and install button head fitting.
2. Remove old packing and lantern ring
3. Inspect and clean shaft and gland.
4. Install compatible braided packing ring in the bottom of the stuffing
box; cut on 45° angle from top to bottom.
5. Pack sealant tightly insuring there are no voids.
6. Add Packing until just enough space is available to install braided top
ring in the stuffing box.
7. Hand tighten gland bolts, very snuggly, turn on pump and let it run for 15 minutes.
8. if any leakage should occur, gradually tighten gland bolts, one flat at a
time, until all leakage stops.
Do not over tighten.

In Valves, simply remove old packing, install bottom braid ring, add Universal Packing, install top ring snugly tighten follower nut.

Occasionally, pump may require additional sealant. This can be done by removing the gland follower and top braided ring and adding more packing.

Even more conveniently, use the Injection Gun (see below) by connecting it to a button head or easy flow fitting installed in the pump flush water port. Loosen the gland follower nuts and inject packing until the stuffing box is filled. The Button Head fitting contains a ball check which will allow sealant to be added while the equipment is running

Standard Styles:
777-1,  Flax / Bearing Pellets
777-2, Pulp / Paper / Water
777-3, G.F.O with Bearing Pellets
777-4, Black PTFE high performance sealant containing GFOä, for use in high speed applications, Temp. 500°F, pH 0-14, Speed 4300 fpm, Pressure 300psi (rotary/centrifugal)
777-5, White PTFE sealant suitable for food and potable water, Temp. 500°F, pH 0-14, Speed 1500 fpm, Pressure 300 psi (rotary/centrifugal).
777-700,  Kevlar – for abrasive resistance
777-2000, Black High Temperature sealant, blended with flexible graphite. For use in hostile environments, high temperature pumps and valves, Temp. 1200°F, pH 0-14, Speed 4000 fpm, Pressure 250 psi (rotary/centrifugal)

Universal Packing is a malleable product and can be easily injected into pump and valve glands using the recommended Injection gun and the proper fittings. Universal packing is distributed in plastic cans as well as convenient Injecto-pack™ cartridges that can be easily inserted into the gun for installation. We recommend either a button head or easy flow fitting. Style # 777-3 cannot be injected. Style # 777-2 must be injected through the Easy Flow fitting.

The Injection Systems eliminate the need to remove old packing and save on downtime.