Bulk Pump Packing

Universal Packing is a bulk style Injectable pump and valve packing.  It was developed in coordination with pump and valve maintenance personnel. The formulas used have been tested and improved by suggestions of end-users in the toughest pump and valve applications.

DescriptionApplicationsProduct Services

777-1 (black)
18 mic. lead and graphite, molydisulphide, hydro-treated distillate, tri-sette® flax
Wastewater, Slurries, Raw Sewage

777-2 (cream)
A Blend of Synthetic Fibers and non-staining lubricants.
Centrifugal Pumps, Rotating Pumps, Reciprocating Equip. Valves.Water, Sewage, Brine, Sea Water, Mild Acids, Caustics.

777-2RWS (red)
Petroleum hydrocarbons, refined heavy naphthenic, P.T.F.E.

777-3 (black)
High Performance, Chemically resistant.Bearing pellets. Ideal for tough applications.
Boiler Feed Water. Acids, Caustics.

777-4 (black)
Blend of high performance fibers and chemically resistant lubricants.
Centrifugal Pumps, Rotating Pumps, Reciprocating Equip. ValvesSea Water, Brine, Acids, Alkalis, Certain Solvents.

777-5 (pure white)
Non-staining, Non-toxic fiber blended with FDA-approved lubricants. Food Grade. Pharmaceuticals.
Foods, Potable Water, Pharmaceuticals.

777-7 (yellow/cream)
Aramid Fiber
Beaters Stock Pumps, Hydrofiners, Digester Pumps, Sewage Pumps and Agitator

777-2000 (black)
A blend of Graphite and High Temp Lubricants
Centrifugal Pumps, Rotating Pumps, Reciprocating Equip. ValvesChemicals, Steam, Petroleum Fuels, Hydrocarbons.