About Us

United Products & Services, Inc was established in 1987. We are a Pittsburgh based company that manufactures Universal Packing and consults on pump and valve applications. Universal Packing is currently distributed throughout the United States and Internationally.

We are glad you stopped by to learn more about Universal Packing. Universal Packing is a bulk style Injectable pump and valve packing.  It was developed in coordination with pump and valve maintenance personnel. The pump packing material formulas used have been tested and improved by suggestions of end-users in the toughest pump and valve applications. OUR PRODUCT IS GUARANTEED.

Bulk Packing, Braided Packing & Packing Tools

Universal Braided Packings are made form the newest and most advanced materials available. Integral strength and long wear characteristics of Universal Braided Packings are the results of both the materials used, and the most modern braiding machines. When ordering and using Universal Braided Packings as end rings for Universal 777 Bulk Packings, always use the style referenced in the braided packing section for compatibility and extended wear.  Also, by using the Weecage with Universal 777 Bulk Packing, you will have created the most Advanced Sealing System used in rotary shaft pumps.   The Weecage adds the ultimate in stability and wear.  Call the seal experts at United Products for any problems, recommendations or questions you may have, about rotary shaft pumps, and leak free packing systems.

WeeCraft Corporation pump packing tools are quality products which enhance an injectable sealing compounds functionality, providing leak free operation without using flush water. To learn more about the Weecraft Corporation pump packing tools, link to www.weecraft.com

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