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Hi-Tech Sealant System For Industrial Pumps & Valves

  • Injectable PackingExtend Equipment Life
  • Lowers Operating Costs
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Eliminates or Reduces Downtime
  • Simplify Inventory, One Size Fits All
bulk packing tubs and sticks
Bulk Packing Tubs & Sticks
braided packing
Braided Packing
bulk packing jump demo
Industrial Gaskets
UNIVERSAL PACKING 777 is being used successfully in a variety of pump and valve applications in the pulp & paper industry, potable water supply, wastewater treatment plants, power generation stations, breweries, food processing, mining, hospital heating and boiler feed pumps, high rise buildings, air conditioning evaporator systems, steam condensate pumps, refineries, and the marine industry.
Weecraft packing injection gun
Weecraft Packing Injection Gun
[acking extraction hook puller
Packing Extraction Hook Puller